Urban Houses with a Rustic Charm via Modern Farmhouse Style

Urban Houses with a Rustic Charm via Modern Farmhouse Style

In the bustling heart of urban landscapes, where sleek skyscrapers and contemporary architecture dominate the skyline, there exists a growing trend that marries the warmth of rural aesthetics with the convenience of city living: The style of the house I am going to describe is called Modern Farmhouse Style. This design aesthetic combines the best of the classic and the contemporary and creates warm and welcoming homes that can be found in the big city.

Bringing Farmhouse into the City

Farmhouse style is characterized by the return to basics and the things that are most important in life, yet it does not neglect the demands of the contemporary world. Urban dwellers seeking to infuse their homes with this aesthetic often start by incorporating elements such as:

• Neutral Color Palettes:

It also follows that walls with soft white or light gray color give the space a calm atmosphere which complements the rough interior design. These tones do not just free up the confined spaces of cities but also provide an area to emphasize on textures and natural elements.

• Rustic Wood Accents:

Given that it is one of the signatures of farmhouse designs, rustic wood gives a delightful and organic feel to the modern home. From a rustic wood dining table made from reclaimed oak to the side tables made from old barn wood, these pieces give any room character.

• Modern Farmhouse Decoration ideas:

Modern farmhouse style is a blend of the old-fashioned feel of the farmhouse and the more modern designs; it has industrial-influenced features such as metallic light fittings or heavy black matte handles. Such details add contrasts between the wooden and the stony surfaces, thus, owing the contrast of the aged and the new. You can also decorate your area with modern farmhouse curtains. There are many modern farmhouse décor ideas you can try now.

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Creating the Inviting Living Spaces

The living room is one of the most important rooms of the house and in urban homes it is the place of comfort and entertainment. Here are some key elements to consider when designing a modern farmhouse living room:

• Cozy Textiles: 

Provide plush sofas with light linen throws and many pillows for the residents and the guests to curl up on.

• Natural Light and Greenery:

To let the room look spacious and bright, use curtains or blinds to allow as much natural light as possible to get into the room. Plants in pots and greenery give a certain look to the natural environment, which enhances the link between the interior and the city.

• Functional Rustic End Tables:

These not only provide functional tops for lamps and decor but also enhance the farmhouse look with their worn out textures and build.

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Developing a Rustic Feel to the Dining Area

In the urban farmhouse dining areas, the main idea is to provide a welcoming, cozy atmosphere for the guests. Key elements include:

• Farmhouse Dining Table: 

For a natural feel, opt for a large, rough wooden table for the dining area and mix and match the chairs.

• Vintage-Inspired Lighting:

For the dining area, you can use the chandelier or pendant lights that have an iron made to give out a grainy light that makes the dining time more enjoyable.

• Natural Materials: 

It will also be helpful to use natural products like linen napkins, woven tablecloths, wooden tableware, and wood serving trays for farm-style dining.

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Head to a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

The bedroom is that private retreat that the inhabitants of the concrete jungle look for after a day’s work in the city. Here’s how to transform it into a cozy modern farmhouse retreat:

• Weathered Wood Bedframe: 

A bed frame with a distressed finish should be used to give the room the much-needed rustic touch.

• Soft Bedding and Textiles:

Tuck the bed with clean white sheets, soft blankets, and a stack of comfortable pillows for that perfect sleeping experience.

• Farmhouse-Inspired Decor: 

Some products, such as sliding barn doors, vintage mirrors, and wrought iron lamps are quite useful for this purpose since they help to bring the farmhouse feeling into the interior


Luxurious Farmhouse Bathrooms:

Farmhouse style does not necessarily have to be restricted to the kitchen area and can even be extended to the bathroom even in city homes. Consider these elements for a farmhouse-inspired bathroom oasis:

• Farmhouse Vanity: 

Choose wooden furniture, especially the vanity that has a worn finish, the porcelain or copper sink gives the room a natural and comfortable look.

• Subway Tiles and Natural Stone: 

White subway tiles are a good option for a traditional design with natural stone for added elegance.

• Vintage Fixtures:

Select antique faucets and light fixtures to give the space that old-fashioned look, to complement the overall farmhouse design.


Consulting with Experts

For those urban homeowners who wish to start the modern farmhouse design in their homes but have no idea where to start from, working with a room designer or an interior decorator can be of great help. Options such as Modsy Design provides services that entail creating designs and representation of how one can make their houses look like a farmhouse in the confined spaces of cities.


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