Six Limited Editions Launched by Patek Philippe, Tokyo 2023

Six Limited Editions Launched by Patek Philippe, Tokyo 2023

With a four-year break since its fifth repetition in Singapore in 2019, Patek Philippe's "Watch Art" exhibition this year in Tokyo represents the brand's sixth major display. The Genevan watchmaker also conducted significant exhibitions in Dubai (2012), Munich (2013), London (2015), and New York (2017), but the Tokyo show this year experienced record success with over 60,000 people.

The theme of this exhibition was inspired by Geneva’s streets, beautiful lakeside, and the Flower Clock (a famous and admired landmark in Geneva). It took place at the Shinjuku Sumitomo event venue which is a triangular plaza, and the exhibition was beautified with over 2,500 square meters of décor.

The exhibition featured around 500 timepieces and objects. Patek Philippe took the visitors on a beautifully-showcased journey of their history alongside the display of the company’s headquarters and manufacturer. At the exhibition, the visitors could see a total of 40 Japanese-inspired watches that were uniquely manufactured and limited edition. The watches displayed art that were preserved by the company, and they are as follows:

  • Grand Feu cloisonné
  • Micro wood marquetry
  • Hand-executed guilloche work

This year’s exhibition was special compared to the previous ones because it had all of Patek Philippe’s newly-launched watches as well as an individual section entirely meant for the manufacturer’s famous super-complicated watches. For example, Caliber 89 and Star Caliber 2000 were displayed together in a grand exhibition. To add to the list, there was another section called “Master of Sound” which featured the manufacturer’s chiming watches, such as the Grandmaster Chime with 20 complications.

The exhibition was a beautiful transportation from the present to the past, going over the history of Patek Philippe. There was a section called “Antique Collection” dedicated to the old watches from the manufacturer’s Museum in Geneva. Some of the world’s oldest watches were there as well as other pieces of art. It also had a room that nobody saw coming, called “Historical Owners”. This section featured watches that were worn by famous people, including the pendant watch that Queen Victoria received in 1851 at the Great Exhibition in London.

Besides Patek Philippe’s history, history of timepieces, and watches inspired by Japanese culture, there was also a display of the manufacture’s latest inventions. At “Watch Art” Tokyo, the visitors saw six newly-launched timepieces, out of which two technical pieces were completely unseen.

Quadruple Complication:

The first on the list is Quadruple Complication which is special for its ability to wind itself. Additionally, it has a lot of other functions, each different in its own. It chimes to tell the wearer the time, it times things with a stopwatch and also tells the date. It is 42mm in width and made of polished platinum. Its dial has this beautiful rose-gilt opaline color with pretty white gold hour makers on it. To add to the many features of the watch, it also contains really cool skeletonized lugs. It has two backs to choose from: one made of sapphire crystal and the other made of platinum.

World Time – refined:

This is a new fancy watch that can show the time in different places and also show the date. It's really cool because it always tells you the time where you are. The watch winds itself up with a gold rotor and has a pretty rose gold hand shaped like a star. This watch is special because it always strikes the local time. The watch comes with two backs, one made of sapphire crystal and one made of rose gold. Both backs have the words "Patek Philippe Tokyo" written on them. There are only 15 of these watches made.

The Other 4 Watches:

A special edition of the World Time Minute Repeater with a dial center showcasing Patek Philippe's artisan skills and a Grand Feu cloisonné enamel decoration honoring the central Tokyo neighborhood of Chuo was among the last four limited editions. The ladies' Moon Phase style was expertly reinterpreted in a pearl grey Colour for a different limited edition. The limited-edition launch is finished off by two chic new Calatrava designs that pay homage to the Asian custom of pair watches.