Luxome : A place where your comfort is the priority

Luxome : A place where your comfort is the priority


A place where your comfort is the priority. Every product you lay your eyes on is designed exquisitely for you. There are many things for you in-store.


  • Clima Sense comforter and duvet Here is your dream comforter that has temperature regulation with its 37.5 extra warmth technology. Ideal for both cold and hot sleepers. It is skin-friendly, has 2X airflow, is extra fluffy, and is hypoallergenic. They are all tested and designed in king and queen sizes. The outer layer is 80% cotton and 20% 37.5 polyester. You have a duvet to compliment comforters. They have buttons for closure and to prevent shifting there are 2X cover ties. For cotton duvets, they are similar to comforters, as for bamboo viscose they are 100% viscose. With bamboo viscose as its fibers are natural, they get softer on every wash.
  • Lightweight blanket You desire a blanket that is like a feather on you. A bamboo viscose blanket filled with the same will fulfill your desire. It has natural temperature regulation and softness throughout the year. These are in king and queen sizes and can be machine washed. With good care, they will keep warming you for a long time.
  • Ultra plush throw Throws are always a good option for not just warming yourself but for cuddling and lazing hours too. Enjoy it yourself or with family and have them in both sizes. They have 78% polyester and 22% bamboo viscose to give the softest feeling to your skin. With your care when washing it will keep it soft for a long time.

Weighted blankets

  • Removable and integrated cover Both are available from small to extra large sizes. It is on your preference they have all the same fabric bamboo lyocell and Minky to give you soft touch without weight bunching. They are machine washable.
  • Cooling: These are available in removable and integrated covers. They are designed to keep you cool and help you sleep well. They are made of bamboo lyocell to give you a soft and cooling feeling. As are hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin. Another option is bamboo lyocell+minky which are velvety, plush, and soft. Can be filled based on your preference.

LAYR pillow

These are customizable pillows in standard and king sizes. You may have them as a single or a pair. You can have them customized based on hardness and height. They have temperature adjustments due to bamboo viscose and are washable. They are first-of-the-kind design patent- pending and have a 30-day guarantee.


Get your silky smooth 100% viscose temperature regulation pillows and sheets. They come in all sheet sizes from twin to split king. These are sustainable, lasting quality, and in different colors.


Plush performance is the right choice for you as they are quick dryer, super absorbent, and soft. They have a double ribbon design, are available in all sizes, and have double loop technology. The inner loop of microfiber and out of cotton. Then you have a spa collection that is luxurious and indescribably soft. Made of 60% bamboo viscose with high absorption. Get them in all sizes and oversize bath sheets are also available.


Finding them in all sizes and having them extremely soft is the best feeling of all. With the best craftsmanship and super soft bamboo viscose fabric a perfect exhibition of comfort. Having full coverage, a secure loop on top, and an inner tie all to keep you comfortable. It has 81% polyester and 19% viscose to make it fluffy and soft. These are unisex so they are for everyone.