Allegations Against Lizzo and Her Production for Sexually Harassing Formal Dancers

Allegations Against Lizzo and Her Production for Sexually Harassing Formal Dancers

A complaint has been lodged against Lizzo and her production firm by at least three of her former dancers who accuse them of sexual harassment and creating an unhealthy working atmosphere.

The lawsuit was filed against Melissa Viviane Jefferson (stage name Truth Hurts) and Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc. (BGBT) on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

It also focuses on allegations of inappropriate behavior by Lizzo's dance squad leader, Shirlene Quigley.
Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, all dancers, allege that they were victims of sexual, religious, racial, and handicap discrimination, assault, false incarceration, and other mistreatments while working at the club.

West Coast Employment Lawyers, speaking on behalf of the complainants said that Rodriquez was faced with “appalling behavior” and he resigned. Davis and Williams, on the other hand, were fired from their jobs.

Another bit of the lawsuit, brought to us by the PA Agency, includes a visit to the red light district of Amsterdam in February 2023. It is said that during the visit, performers were forced to go on nights out or else they would get unemployed.

Allegedly, during a visit to a club called Bananebar, performers were forced to get into physical contact with naked performers. According to the filed complaint, the complainants were shocked to witness Lizzo’s ill-treatment towards her staff and that too in front of all the other employees whom she had hired.

With her plus-sized artists employed through her reality program Watch Out For The Big Grrrls, the Grammy-winning American singer is renowned for her support of body acceptance and diversity in her songs.

The dancers claimed Lizzo made Davis' weight increase a point of discussion, reprimanded her, and then fired her "on the spot" after she recorded a meeting due to a medical issue.

In addition, the complaint claimed that Lizzo "hurled expletives" at her dancers and behaved "aggressively" at Williams by "cracking her knuckles (and) balling her fists."

Davis was allegedly confined in a room after being let go while a security guard looked through her phone.

Lizzo allegedly accused dancers of "not performing up to par and repeatedly accused the dancers of drinking alcohol before shows even though the dance cast had never parkaten in such a practice," according to other claims.

According to the lawsuit, this resulted in a number of dancers being forced to re-audition for their positions using "brutal" standards with a risk of termination.

Although the allegations have not proven to be true, Quigley’s strange behavior during the suit weirded people out. Also, there have been claims that Quigley would force the member groups to become Christian, leading to discomfort.

There’s no clarity from the lawsuit that Lizzo was informed about Quigley’s behavior.

Lizzo’s representatives have been reached out for their take on the dispute.