Minted: Have art at your fingertips

Minted: Have art at your fingertips

The love of art has never been new. The moment we lay our eyes on a piece of art we mostly wish to take them home.

Everyone loves to have possession of artistic items. Minted serves as a platform for you to pick the best artistic items. Use them to express your form of wedding cards, home decor, or stationary.

Minted wedding section is full of things you will have for your wedding preparations. Everyone is aware of the services and charms of shopping for their biggest day of life. From a to-do list to a thank you card, things are a click away. But here we have other sections to keep your shopping even after the wedding or if you are a shopping lover.


Two sections you should try from Minted

As a place where you directly connect with artists. You directly support artists by buying their masterpieces and expressing your adoration. You can always pick them as invitations, for kids, and one-of-a-kind items.

With every item you will scroll down you will start finding it hard to resist. Resisting the temptation of having beautiful paintings, cards, stationary and other things is hard to express. Let's dive into the world of creativity and make sure to be surprised.


Little Mint

Spoiler alert never scrolls this section with your child. What you will be able to stop your child from picking for them. Disney-themed stationary and decor or school essentials. You will find it hard to stop yourself too from personalized gifts, themed items, milestone celebrations, and much more there for you.

Two things you won't be able not to shop from getting the theme room decor and Minted's Exclusive Disney & Pixar Collection. Theme decor will allow you to pick the right things that suit your child's preferences and personality. Be it animals, cartoons, plants, and dreams too.

And as from the collection how will you let a child in you ignore 101 Dalmatian wall, Bambi, Pooh, and Disney princesses wall arts? Love notebooks with Disney and Pixar characters. Thinking of ways to stop yourself? Highly recommended, don't stop and buy.


Direct From Artists

Art is just a form of expression, and versatility, and is global. You will find art in all parts of the world and having it is another level of satisfaction.

You wish to be known as one who possessed a piece of art of time years later. Now is your chance to have a one-of-a-kind craft of future renowned creators. In this section here are some items which increase your curiosity about what else you can find here.

Kora Silk Pillow by Anjali Purohit is an amazing example of simplicity with comfort. Giving vibes of peace at home. It is a textured yarn pillow made of silk, organic cotton, and wool to give that raw appearance in natural dye. This is 24" L, 6" H, 24" W, and weight of 7 lbs

Platform Bowls, Yin Yang Bowl Set by Andrea Hill these planters here to please your sees. This set is 8.2" L, 2.2" H, 6.7" W, and weighs 6 lbs. This white and graphite stone set of containers is poured into matte concrete to make them charmers. Placing them close to or at your daily sitting place will give off homeyness.

Midnight Blue Velvet Woven Bench

by Knots Studio is to lighten up your mood. It has that traditional look of weaving with a modernized bench look. One the best for your living or resting place. It is made of velvet and beechwood to be your partner for a long time. These benches are durable and can be vacuum cleaned.