Your best friend to hold you tight

Your best friend to hold you tight

We are living in the era of body positivity and self-love. We no longer have to forcefully fit ourselves in other's shoes. Just believe in yourself girl, head up, chin straight and rule the world.

Ready to cover you up with comfort

You have been there. You know the feeling of it. You longed for it to take place.

All this you have experienced with your body. lazing around laying in bed, on a full of hustle working day, having a postpartum or during an exhausting workout.

You have wished to have that pair of bodies to be comfortable. Shapellx has all your comfy body-hugging and supporting shapewear.

Bear in mind you are fabulous

All body shapes and sizes are beautiful in their way. Zero figures or plus-sized figures do not have to feel any less amazing. If any insecurities are there then Shapellx comes forward to rub them off your shoulders.

After getting all manufacturing pieces tried by women of all body types and getting reviewed. Body shapers are made available for consumers. They enhance feminine looks flawlessly. This makes buyers more confident and appreciative of their skin.

Everything that you can think of

For shopping you have four options to look at your needed items from different categories that have shapewears, active wear, swimwear and bra & underwear.

In the control area section you will have freedom to choose from areas you want to have control on. You will get from whole body to individual area control options. Rest include arms, back, legs & thighs, tummy & belly and hips & butt areas.

You can have a compression selection option based on your tolerance. This will allow you to have them your way from super comfy to extra firm. Look firm without being uncomfortable.

Four collections for four seasons and four reason

Planning to look amazing throughout the year. Shapellx has all in the box for you to grab.

CoreSculpt is the collection for your everyday wear bras, thongs and briefs. They hug your body perfectly all day. By wearing seamless ones you can be sure of it not peeking out.

PowerConceal has shapewear, bodysuits, sculptors, high waist shorts and tummy control shorts. Seamless and comfy to give all that concealed look. Make you look more in shape.

NeoSweat supports you during your workout hours. Waist supporters, Thermo active fat burners, arm sculptors, waist trainers, high waist shorts and butt lifters and more. Patterned workout fixes to support your body parts during intense exercise.

AirSlim turns your curves to have that desired appearance. It works like magic on your body making it look hourglass, compressed, lifted and all you desire it to be. This collection gives you the freedom to mold yourself for special occasions.

Being at ease is a priority

For Shapellx consumers comfort and satisfaction are a priority. All items are designed for daily use. After having them tested by women. Once tried by them those women are asked to vote. After the process of voting, ones that have a high number of votes, they are made available for purchase. By doing this it is made sure to have buyers not just have claims but a deal of ease with every purchase.

Give it a try you beauties

Looking wow and also having the wow experience is all worth just a try away. Do not hold back. Put your figure-hugging and shaping body wears to make you in command of your own body.