Patio Umbrella vs. Cantilever Umbrella: Which One is Right for Your Outdoor Space?

Patio Umbrella vs. Cantilever Umbrella: Which One is Right for Your Outdoor Space?

PURPLE LEAF is a well-known brand offering a range of high-quality outdoor umbrellas. If you have felt the need to introduce the aspect of shade on your outside patio or deck then chances are you have been trying to decide between a patio umbrella and a cantilever umbrella. Majority of the people use such umbrella as an garden umbrella. Both serve a purpose of protecting an individual from the sun but there are some distinguishing features when it comes to its outlook, versatility, and costs among other aspects.When choosing between a patio umbrella and a cantilever umbrella from PURPLE LEAF, consider the following: 

What Is Patio Umbrella? 

Patio umbrella is the general umbrella that people use when they are in their patio or outdoors. These consist of a body that has a tubular center and a weighted base stand in which the tubular center is inserted. Outdoor umbrellas are available in different types, size, shape as well as colors to harmonize with any furniture or other accessories. These patio umbrellas can measure between 6 and 11 feet in width. There are numerous advantages of having patio umbrellas such as; the prices are relatively low, the umbrella are portable and can be moved from one place to another, and have easy opening/tilting systems.

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What Is Cantilever?

cantilever umbrellas are entirely different from the above discussed handled umbrellas in terms of outlook. Offset or side post umbrellas are another type that consist of a heavy pedestal that is joined to an overhead structure and a canopy. This is beneficial to cantilever umbrellas as it enables them to give shade while not having to obstruct a central pole. Cantilever umbrella is available in width between 10 feet and 13 feet. Advantages include great aesthetics, the ability to place the sign in any location, and the overall sleek appearance. However, the other types are often more expensive than the typical patio umbrella kind.

The Difference Between Umbrella vs. Cantilever Umbrella

PATIO and Cantilever umbrellas have distinct differences that should guide your decision based on budget, style, flexibility, and size of shaded area needed. Patio umbrellas can fit most budgets and areas of a home and garden while cantilever umbrellas offer unobstructed views but at some cost. To choose the right custom umbrella that will complement your outdoor living area make sure to partner with a reputable manufacturer like Purple Leaf. Different umbrella stands can be seen at the store no matter what category is. You can also go for the  custom umbrellas to make the best out of your outdoor space.



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PURPLE LEAF Patio Umbrella



PURPLE LEAF umbrellas for the patio are usually cheaper in price than the cantilever type of umbrellas. You will often see patio umbrella sale here.  

Easy to Set Up:

The majority of the models have a crank system that helps in opening and closing of the models. 


large patio umbrellas are stable and more beneficial and are also meant to be slid between the legs of a table which has a hole in the middle of the patios table. 


Came in different sizes, designs, and colors to suit any environment that they will be placed in. Have you ever tried patio umbrella with base? No then go for it now. 


Limited Coverage:

However, the central pole is a major disadvantage because it narrows down the space that can be shaded and may hinder the view. 

Fixed Position:

It is often confined to where there is a table or where there is a suitable base to put it.


PURPLE LEAF Cantilever Umbrella


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Flexible Positioning:

This design does not have a central pole thus making it possible to have a wide range of shading without the pole, suitable for large seating or open spaces.

 Adjustable Features:

Most of the PURPLE LEAF cantilever umbrellas have a feature to tilt and to rotate to ensure that the shade can be easily manned when the sun is moving. 

Unobstructed Space:

There is no centralized pole which makes the table have more space and a flexible surface underneath it. 

Modern Design:

Sometimes it also provides a modern and fashionable touch to your outside place.



Higher Cost:

Usually, costlier than the patio umbrellas because of more elaborate construction and possible features. 

Requires a Sturdy Base: 

Lacks a sturdy enough and wide base that makes it easily tip over especially when there is wind. 


Decision Factors 

Space and Layout:

If your area is more compact with a patio set and a patio table then a patio umbrella might just be enough.

For larger, open areas or if the user wants an umbrella that doesn’t have any legs in the way, a cantilever umbrella would be better.


Patio umbrellas are relatively cheaper than the beach umbrellas. 

If you are willing to spend more money and want more choices and fashionable look, you should go for a cantilever umbrella. 


If you are in need of an umbrella mainly for dining areas, a patio umbrella will do the trick.

When it comes to the leisure chairs or the versatile shading solutions, a cantilever umbrella is more useful.


These two are produced in different styles but it is quite noticeable that the cantilever types offer a more contemporary appearance.

These are some things to think about and your particular situation to decide which PURPLE LEAF umbrella is best for you.


Each of the two categories, the patio and cantilever umbrellas, comes with its specific features. To come to a conclusion, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type in order to define which one is better suited for your outdoor sectional area as well as your requirements. Your new umbrella will be made from quality materials and assembled to last; unless you decide to change your outdoor patio furniture often, your umbrella will remain a reliable source of shade as you dine, chat and joke with friends and family. For more information about the kinds of umbrellas you want in any style, shape, fabric or color you fancy, just contact Purple Leaf.