Pela: Environment-friendly phone cases

Pela: Environment-friendly phone cases

Pela: Environment-friendly phone cases

We are well aware of how our lifestyle is influencing our Home Earth. Most of us are trying to make every possible effort to reduce pollution. We are getting more into phones by buying upgraded versions as soon as possible. as we are too attached to them we have cases to protect them. When it comes to phones, we try to have one for a long time and others keep changing.

The main issue is case wastage that is harming our environment. To keep minds at peace Pela is here to save our planet. Its composable cases are one to opt for. Just keep grabbing your phone and keep scrolling down.


It is observed that around 1.5 Billion cases are being disposed of every year. as they are made of materials that take time to decompose and cause a lot of pollution throughout the manufacturing process. We need to think twice while buying cases.

Pela’s phone cases are made to keep pollution as minimal as possible. cases are made ensuring 25% less carbon emission is taking place, 35% water consumption is lessened and reduction of 70% wastage. With all these efforts you will have good quality and safety of your phone without any worries. You are not just keeping your phone safe but the environment too.


As cases are full of silicone, plastic, rubber, leather, and carbon fiber after being dumped that result in increasing pollution. Their whole making process is adding fuel to pollution too. by switching to eco-friendly cases we are not just able to keep our world a green place but also saving our resources.

Pela cases are made to decompose by using biodegrading technology using Flaxstic material. These cases decompose in 90 days without leaving any trace of harm to the soil. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that decomposition takes place once they are disposed of, not when they are in use. With this once you have your order you would be surprised to have them in packaging that too is eco-friendly.


Now what Pela offers in the cases is they are drop-proof, have a variety of design options, and fit for iPhone and Android such as Samsung, Google, Huawei, and OnePlus phones that too in many case styles. All the cases are not just sustainable but protective and durable. These have a soft feeling on the back so you feel good while holding your phone. You will be more than happy to buy cases once to learn that every purchase contributes to supporting environmental non-profit organizations.


Can't think of which case to pick from all these beautiful cases. No matter how you like your phone case as classic, clear or wallet styled all are here in store for you to grab. With classic cases, you can have the experience of a non-bulky smooth case. They come in solid colors or have a limited edition with many colors. The same goes for the wallet cases. The only thing is you can go for a different cardholder color by purchasing it.

Pela’s clear cases have Flaxstic material at the sides only but have eye-catching designs on the back. If you are into transparent ones you can have them ones with different designs that are must-try cases. It completely is up to you to choose from all the cases based on your preferences.


Now you know you can protect your planet and phone. It no longer has the bulky feel of phone cases and it decomposes on its own. So, how soon are you going to have one to cover your phone?

Here is another thing to add. Pela has sunglasses and blue light glasses too. But if you are a tech accessory lover you will be more than happy to see all the items available for you.