DiscountMugs: Create your lasting impression in your unique way

DiscountMugs: Create your lasting impression in your unique way

We all love to present others with things that make them remember us. We love to express our love, appreciation, and connection with people through presents.


If you are looking for a nice place to find amazing customized event gifts, office supplies, glassware, giveaway stuff, or anything. DiscountMug is here for you to find all you can think of based on occasions, needs, and tones of designs.


You no longer have to stress about having your events full of nice messages printed on them or your logo or even your pictures. Ready to see all the options you can find here to shop? Let's get started for personalized touch every gift.

Personalized Event Favors

Holiday Events

Having to arrange giveaways on Holiday events by the company. Or looking for nice gifts for a holiday party at home. You will find all the great stuff for all the holidays such as Christmas, New Year's, Valentine’s day, thanksgiving, and many more. There is lots of good stuff.


Forgot to mention I got amazing items from here, this Thanksgiving for my family and friends. I got some Travel mugs, Coffee mugs, and Mason jars. Our family loves these kinds of stuff so, I had them personalized by having each gift receiver's name and picture on them.

Wedding Events

If you have organized any of the wedding events? You must have felt the pressure of preparing the best gift for all the attendees. Trust me on this I have faced it twice.


Once at my friend’s bridal shower and the second on my first anniversary. You won’t believe how much I had to hustle due to this. Thank God! One of my office colleagues told me about DiscountMugs back then. She was like a lifesaver to me.


We ordered Lead Free Crystal Customized Wine Glasses with her and her groom’s picture of their engagement. We also got Arc Votive Glass Candle holders having our whole friend's group picture on them. We had them in different colors which we wore on her wedding day. The whole arrangement looked fantastic and most importantly it was memorable.


As for our anniversary, I ordered every item I saw on the website. Each item had a picture of our memorable days with days and a small message from me to my soulmate.

Family Party Events

Our families are both a lot in celebrating every joyous occasion in our lives. From Baby showers to retirement we celebrate all the events. DiscountMugs has not disappointed me since on each event I always turn by from here.


Once you browse through its items list you will start finding it the hardest to resist buying all the things. infant items, frames, bibs, bags balloons, mugs, bags, you just name what you love to give. You will find them all without a need to wander anywhere.

School Events

There is not even a single event you will need to worry about with DiscountMugs. It is packed with items you will love to have for function. Organizing prom, graduation, sports vent, award ceremony, or any school event. Your back is covered with all the things you require.


 event is approaching and you have to prepare for it. You can find keyrings, stress balls, paper megaphones,  glassware, Sandwich visors, and more. You can customize it the way you want.


For prom, you have journals, pens, mugs, bottles, caps, flash drives, and more. All you need to keep your memories recorded and saved for you for a lifetime. You can give your unique touch to them the way you love.

Business Events

If you are running your own business or working in a corporation, arranging gifts and supplies for business events is a must. From the personalized b business gift section, you can find all the things needed for an event. You can find awards, journals, pens, wall clocks, keychains, tumblers, and other stuff. You may use them for promotional activities and giveaways.


You can also opt for a custom personalized corporate gifts section for things such as mugs, pens, flash drives, and USB keychains. you can have them customized the way you want. Or you can have a message printed on them.


DiscountMugs for promotional trades and giveaways you can shop by budget. If you are on a budget this will be the most helpful to you. Once you enter your budget and details you will be kept to browse the items you are looking for.


You can shop by category too. This will make your shopping easier. By doing this you will directly go to your desired category to browse from.

There is more in the bag for you

These are not just the only things you will find at DiscountMugs. Here is more for you as it has a wide range of products. Drinkware, glassware, bags, apparel, wellness, office supplies, and all the regular-use items are available here.


You can have them customized and have your personal touch added to them. The best part of all this is the customization part. You can add any text, image, or anything to have that print on each item.

So, what is holding you back from impressing others with personalized gifts?


Just grab your phone now. Browse through all the beautiful items. Add your love to them. Receive all the items and present them to your loved ones and the ones you appreciate.