CUUP: Besties are waiting to hug you tight

CUUP: Besties are waiting to hug you tight

Having something to wear that does not change your appearance just enhances it. If you are someone who is confident and prefers style, try CUUP.


Feeling good in your body is not just a mind but a reality. Keep this in mind CUUP caters to all body type needs. With this, you no longer need to slim or plump yourself. You know who has got your back to support you. Style the way you like, dress whatever you wish, and find your joy in life. All your way.

Place where you are the inspiration



Considering all body types and needs. CUUP has chosen the best luxury fabrics and designed all products in fashion to give you not just options but everything you look for in undergarments. You can choose from a collection that has been an inspiration for CUUP for your body.

Need help get here is a guide

Beauties deserve care and so does CUUP. Guidelines to take care of these gorgeous pieces are available for you to follow each step. This will not just keep them in good shape for use but also will help in maintaining their quality and safe from wear and tear.

Get to know your body

Having to visit a lingerie store to go through the discomfort of body measurement and whatnot. There is no need for it anymore as CUUP has virtual assistance to help you find the right size in the comfort of your home. In a rush try the quick quiz option. You just need to follow some given guidelines and know your body more.

BRAs are Battle Ready Armors

As a woman what one does not have to go through all day long. Be it a homemaker to a working woman, all deserve a helping hand to hold together. Bras are the savers that hug us hard to keep us comfortable with every moment and in every situation.

CUUP offers you a wide variety to make every moment you wear them special and comfortable. You may find the right one in Plunge, Scoop, Balconette, Demi, or Mesh Edit.

Underwears for your comfort

So, in the mood to part or want to lay in bed the whole day. It is time to move to work and want something comfy. Can not decide on regular underwear but how about a thong, high waist, brief, or bikini? Guess what you can have them all and not miss any leaving room for regret. All there for every mood you are in.

Swimming never bores

Swimming is the best activity to keep the mind and body at peace. Are you missing something? Can you figure out what?

Swimwear! Gosh! How could you miss one set when shopping? Grab a set of both now from CUUP all based on how you like them, not just the traditional ones anymore.

Time to be trendy

Those who are always in for some adventure and trying out new things. There is a whole section for you to experiment with. Natural Neutral where you will get to wear all neutral looks without the restriction of seasons. All the color lovers' summer colors collection has all the colors of summer for you to get your hands on. For the brides try collections of creative bride's looks and for the honeymoon phase too.

Feeling connected to your body

It is your job to keep yourself in love with your body. This is all you got. Nobody more than you knows what feels good about it and how you should be looking in the mirror.